Sunday, July 03, 2005

Feels Good!

It's Sunday morning here in Mumbai. The weather's a bit muggy. But it's nice. I feel good. The restlessness about my job is gone. I've ironed out a few issues with myself and I am really looking forward to Monday morning at work. I'm really lucky to have found a job I love. I've got more than I could ask for and I am committed to excelling at what I do.

Incidentally, this year is Lance Armstrong's last year on the cycling circuit. He is my idol and one of the greatest characters I have read about in my life. This will be his seventh attempt at winning the Tour de France (one of the world's most gruelling bicycle races). In true Armstrong spirit, I do believe he will win this year too. Here is a man who battled cancer, its awful remedial therapy, chaemotherapy, and his own mind to come back and win the Tour de France a world-record six times. I doff my hat to the man. It is because of people like him that I believe in the strength of human character, the true potential and good in humanity. Because somewhere, hidden inside is the Lance Armstrong in every one of us. And I am not willing to let go before I find it in me.

Check out this page to know more about the great man.

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